Toyota: Black-Owned Business Spotlight



During Black History Month 2021, we had the opportunity to link up with Indianapolis Entrepreneur, Anthony Murdock II and Toyota for the first stop on the #LetsGoPlaces: The Otherside of America tour. This tour highlights small, black-owned businesses across the country. 

During our partnership we cruised through Chicago and stopped at another black-owned business, Momentum Coffee to share our brand story

This feature is centered around a design both Myles and Murdock are wearing that we created in honor of Black History Month.

The design, has the phrase “We Created the Culture They Monetize” we coined back in 2019. What inspired this message is the fact that often times our creativity and ideas are taken by others, packaged up, and sold back to us at a premium. Our ability to be ourselves and create lasting impact is the real wealth, even when we are not recognized for it. Though Black History Month is a tribute to our influence, we will not limit the message to 28 days.

Our brand mission is to redefine what it means to be rich in ways beyond the traditional monetary meaning. We do this by releasing conversation pieces to open up the dialogue and allow our community to create and their own unique story.

We are thankful for Murdock and Toyota for coming to Chicago, highlighting the work we do, and providing us a platform during Black History Month that will extend beyond the month of February.

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