3 Defining Moments That Shaped Our 2020

2020 has been a year… one that nobody could have predicted. There were peaks and a tremendous amount of valleys. Although this year did not go as we initially planned it to, we have become very comfortable with the idea of pivoting. We are currently planning for a big 2021, but before we move into that we thought it would be important to share some reflection on 3 defining moments that shaped our 2020. 

  1. Black History Month Pop-up at Linkedin Chicago - February 20, 2020: The Linkedin Chicago pop up shop is first on our list because it was how we kicked off the year. This event is special for a few reasons. 1. It was only our second pop-up shop 2. It was our first time partnering with a corporation to distribute our merchandise in person 3. It was during Black History Month, which is important to us as a Black-Owned brand. Being able to share our message of being rich beyond the traditional monetary meaning in a space like this was truly an unforgettable experience.   
  2. Social Justice Fundraising Release - June 7th, 2020: If you ask us about our favorite moment of the year, this is by far the obvious answer. In a time where seeing Black people violently murdered by police is almost the norm, we decided to use our platform to drive positive change. We released a shirt, inspired by the ongoing protests that took place following the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbury. This tee, which features an image captured and edited by our founder (Myles Ward) allowed us to raise over $2,000 to donate to two organizations doing social justice work (NAACPLDF and ACLU). Simply put, it felt good to be able to make an impact and reach our fundraising goal in less than 48 hours. 
  3. Camo Fleece Jacket ReleaseDecember 10, 2020: A staple garment for staying warm at home, or layering up outside on a chilly winter day. The Camo Fleece is our first time releasing a jacket. When we released it, we sold out of our initial run of jackets in 5 minutes. With such overwhelming demand, we had to quickly pivot and allow a wider audience the opportunity to get a jacket. We quickly responded with the “Fleece Security Program” to offer a limited preorder option for individuals that missed the initial size run. We have now done a final restock of a few jackets while supplies last to finish out 2020. 

There have been so many great moments this year, which made it tough to narrow down on these 3. However, we want to thank anyone that has supported TNR this year and plans to continue doing so in 2021 and beyond. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are as a brand. We are looking forward to what is coming to start the year. Stay tuned for more details and as always we will continue to push our mission of being rich in ways beyond the traditional monetary meaning.

Happy holidays! 

With love, 



  • Kendall

    Great work TNR! I love my social justice tee and can’t wait to get my fleece 🙌🏽

  • Murdock

    Would love to see these kinds of reflections moving forward. Great post and an even greater year!

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