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3 Defining Moments That Shaped Our 2020

2020 has been a year… one that nobody could have predicted. There were peaks and a tremendous amount of valleys. Although this year did not go as we initially planned it to, we have become very comfortable with the idea of pivoting. We are currently planning for a big 2021, but before we move into that we thought it would be important to share some reflection on 3 defining moments that shaped our 2020. 

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Simply Timah is RICH!

Rich is not a verb that is solely based on what I have in the present tense. Rich is not defined by the monetary value that I amount to. Rich is knowledge. Rich is experience. Rich is a mindset. Learn more about what makes Simply Timah RICH!

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#TNRStories - Our sit down with Jide Omekam!

When it comes to The New Rich, Jide is an example this lifestyle in a combination of ways. He has completed stints at various tech companies across Silicon Valley, (Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Cisco, and Intuit). Beyond anything, he stays true to himself while keeping happiness at the forefront and that is what we consider rich. Check out his story here!

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